Alleviating joint and muscle pain when bathing becomes difficult

As we get older, bathing in comfort and safety is a simple pleasure that cannot be taken for granted. An easy-access shower or walk-in bath from Premier Care can help you continue to live in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Hydrovescent Spa

Nearly all of our bath range feature Hydrovescent Spa Therapy as standard. A series of jets placed around the bath pump out small bubbles of clean air (not recycled water). The gentle massaging effect of these bubbles help relax muscles, stimulate the skin and induce physical well-being in individuals suffering from diabetes, arthritis, sciatica, migraine to name just a few conditions.

relax your muscles in hydrovescent spa
tranquility spa
easy use controls

Benefits of the Hydrovescent Spa

  • Encourages blood circulation, relaxes muscles and reduces pressure on joints
  • Champagne-like bubbles massage body
  • Eases your pain and stimulates your senses

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Chromotherapy is based on light therapy – an ancient form of medicine practised for thousands of years. Certain light waves have an effect on the human body harmonising
emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.

How does Chromotherapy work?

Light waves are forms of energy that when individuals are exposed to, can induce healing within the body.

Chromotherapy green
spa and chromotherapy

Benefits of the Chromotherapy

  • Chromotherapy encourages your mind and body to relax
  • Delivers a spa experience in your own bathroom

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Many times we are asked about staying warm while your bath fills up with water at the perfect temperature. One way is to have your bathroom heating at your ideal temperature, another is to install the Premier Care Staywarm feature.

How does StayWarm work?

The system places a heater under the seat area of your bath that is designed to keep
your seat and back warm.

easy to use controls
staywarm benefits
staywarm seat

Benefits of the StayWarm

  • Gently eases away aches and pains with heat therapy
  • Warms the seat and back ready for when you get into the bath
  • Can help you stay warm during your soak

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