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How the Hydrovescent spa massage can ease arthritis symptoms

Suffering from arthritis can be a painful experience; luckily there are many ways you can help alleviate the symptoms in your own home.

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The A to Z of arthritis

Arthritis A-Z

View the a-z of arthritis, with links to sources within the industry. If you would like to add or edit this post, then get in touch with us.

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difference between osteoporosis and arthritis

Osteoporosis & Arthritis

Many people often mistake the different conditions of osteoporosis and arthritis, though they can be easily confused. Below we explain the main differences between the two. Osteoporosis Osteoporosis is a condition which has an effect on the bones, making them become less dense and increases the chances of a fracture.

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10 million people suffer from arthritis in the UK

Arthritis in the UK: 10 million people and counting

Your joints start to stiffen up, you can’t move as freely as you used to and you’re experiencing pain. You put it down to just getting older but it could be arthritis and it affects more people than you might th

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The making of Seconds Matter campaign video

Seconds Matter: The Making of our National Arthritis Week video

Seconds Matter is a simple concept. But one which resonates with everyone we talk to about it.       There’s always a story – if only I’d caught that train, I wouldn’t have missed my meeting. If only I’d answered the door quickly, I wouldn’t have missed the postman.

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