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10 wellness trends you must try in 2019

Personal wellness is a big topic in 2019. It’s time to take a step back and make a few simple changes that will offer a considerable benefit to our wellness.

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How the Hydrovescent spa massage can ease arthritis symptoms

Suffering from arthritis can be a painful experience; luckily there are many ways you can help alleviate the symptoms in your own home.

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How the Chromotherapy system can help you connect with your chakras

Chakras are essentially energetic points in our bodies, that can be activated with different energy flows. There are few scientific studies to prove whether it’s real, but yogi’s all over the world regularly

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A brain healthy diet: Mind and body

Simply knowing that, we understand the importance of keeping it proactive, healthy and agile. Are you experiencing more brain fog in your later years? If yes, then keep reading as we break down the best ways to keep your mind and body healthy.

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How you can help the elderly fight loneliness

According to a recent study, loneliness among the elderly is reaching epidemic proportions. It’s estimated that around 1.2 million elderly people in the UK are ‘chronically lone

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Dementia symptoms are emerging later in life

Typically, around two in 100 people are diagnosed with dementia, with the average age of diagnosis rising from 80 to 86 years old in recent years.

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immune system

Top tips to boost your immune system for the winter

Healthy habits can help you stave off the worst of the winter colds. We’ve come up with these handy tips to keep you healthy over winte

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Ellipse walk in bath

Indulgent bathing experience with Resonance sound therapy

Our specialised resonance sound therapy delivers the ultimate relaxation experience. Bath time meditation is becoming an increasing trend, and sound therapy can gently ease you into a meditative state.

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Benefits of a protein heavy diet for the elderly

Protein is particularly important for the over 70s as the body maintains nutrients much less compared to 20 years ago. As we age, our sense of taste and smell diminishes, therefore, it might be harder to maintain a balanced diet.

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How the elderly can improve their balance

How the elderly can improve their balance

Maintaining your balance is crucial as you get older. It decreases the risk of slips and falls, while also improving overall physical and mental health. These tips and exercises are easy and simple to follow, so you have nothing to worry about.

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