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The accessible bathroom jargon guide

Premier care bathroom products include many fantastic features and options to make your bathing more comfortable and most importantly, safer. We realise that it’s also important to be clear and able to provide customers with any additional explanation they may nee

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What’s the future of bathroom design?

Chromotherapy and Mood lighting It’s the time of year where we yearn for daylight, as the darkness falls upon us at a quicker rate. The amount of daylight we are exposed to day to day can affect our moods, and mood lighting may have a counter affec

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How to Feng Shui your bathroom

What does Feng Shui mean? Feng shui is about enhancing the flow and movement of energy that travels through a space. It’s a traditional Chinese practice that focuses on the power of a room’s architecture and layout to influence well

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winterproof your home

Steps to winterproof an elderly relative’s home

If you have an elderly friend or relative, you’ll want to make sure they are as safe and warm as possible. While you may not be able to pay their heating bills for them, there are a few things you can do to help see them through winte

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How you can help the elderly fight loneliness

According to a recent study, loneliness among the elderly is reaching epidemic proportions. It’s estimated that around 1.2 million elderly people in the UK are ‘chronically lone

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Dementia symptoms are emerging later in life

Typically, around two in 100 people are diagnosed with dementia, with the average age of diagnosis rising from 80 to 86 years old in recent years.

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immune system

Top tips to boost your immune system for the winter

Healthy habits can help you stave off the worst of the winter colds. We’ve come up with these handy tips to keep you healthy over winte

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Ellipse walk in bath

Indulgent bathing experience with Resonance sound therapy

Our specialised resonance sound therapy delivers the ultimate relaxation experience. Bath time meditation is becoming an increasing trend, and sound therapy can gently ease you into a meditative state.

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fun exercise classes for the over 60s

Fun exercise classes for the over 60s

Slow down and take it easy has been the evergreen mantra for the over 60s. There’s always a focus around the inevitable aging and how we should accept getting weaker. Yet, maybe there’s a way to support a changing body by encouraging exercise to help our mind keep

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Children in the playground

10 of the best multigenerational holiday destinations

Multigenerational holidays are on the rise, with around two thirds of families in the UK having already tried one. It makes sense, allowing for the kids to get a period of prolonged interaction with the grandparents.

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