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How the elderly can improve their balance

How the elderly can improve their balance

Maintaining your balance is crucial as you get older. It decreases the risk of slips and falls, while also improving overall physical and mental health. These tips and exercises are easy and simple to follow, so you have nothing to worry about.

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Gift for grandparents

The best gifts for grandparents

Whether you’re on the hunt for a birthday, Christmas, anniversary gift, or simply want to treat your grandparents, here’s a pick of the best presents to make gift giving that extra bit special!

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Christmas and Dementia

How to include someone with dementia this Christmas

We share some general advice on how to reduce the stress of the Christmas holidays for carers and people living with dementia.

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daughter and parent

Challenges of caring for your parents

Caring for someone can be difficult, and this can be made even more challenging when the person you are caring for is a parent.

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Smarter Homes for the Elderly

Smart homes for the elderly

The elderly, have found that a lot of technological advancements are allowing them to either regain or keep their independence as they grow old.

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Trust a trader

Over 250 TrustATrader reviews received!

As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, Premier Care have now received over 100 positive surveys with independent reviewer TrustATrader.

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Netflix shows

Great Netflix shows for older viewers

There’s no better pastime than getting cosy on the sofa, and indulging in some great TV show

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Retired individual works voluntarily

Volunteering can reduce dementia risk

A 5-year research study conducted by the University of Calgary has suggested that engaging in voluntary work actually helps to improve cognitive health.

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What is Elderspeak?

Can you recall a time where you’ve raised your voice, changed your language or spoken slower than usual to try and communicate easier?

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ted talks on aging

5 of the best TED talks on aging

Here are 5 TED talks which will hopefully inspire you to feel slightly different about the golden years and the process of aging.

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