Walk-in Baths

tranquility walk-in bath
  • Wide opening doors

    All our walk-in baths have been designed to fit a wide variety of bathrooms in a typical British home. So we can provide baths that have doors on either side or even on the end so bath lovers need never be deprived of their moment of bliss.

  • Thermostatic control

    Our thermostatically controlled taps provide a safe, even flow of water at a temperature regulated by you and prevent accidental scalding.

  • Ultra-low level access

    With low thresholds, stepping in and out of the bath is safe and easy.

  • Leak-free door with lifetime seal guarantee

    Our doors and seals are designed to fit securely while a secure locking mechanism ensures your bath water stays where it belongs – in the bath. All our door seals are guaranteed for life which means no worries for you.

  • Grab bar for extra security

    Stainless steel and plastic fluted grab bars provide extra security and safety when you need it most.

  • Slip-resistant seat and base

    Contoured back rest and a slip-resistant built-in seat and base for added comfort and safety.


Bathing helps with all sorts of ailments from a stressful day to aches and pains and chronic pain. Baths are a luxury that not all of us can have due to space requirements and mobility issues. However, with Premier Care in Bathing we provide a wide range of assisted bathing options which brings the luxury of bathing to more people than ever.

There really is nothing like a long and leisurely soak in the tub to ease the stresses and strains of the day. So why not experience that soothing comfort and relaxation in a hand-crafted Premier Care walk in bath.

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Hydrovescent spa massage

What is Hydrovescent? – Champagne like streams are created by air jets around the sides and bottom of the bath. These thin and gentle jets are much softer than conventional jets and help to improve circulation as well as relax muscles and relieve inflammation. is a perfect added luxury to your bath if you want to give your bathroom a spa feel.

Our spa system is attentively designed to ease aches and pains and bring relief to a range of ailments. The Hydrovescent therapy can help relax and relieve the body even when you are suffering from symptoms associated with conditions as severe as Arthritis, as well as having a soothing effect on those who suffer from migraines and stress.

stay warm bath feature

StayWarm Heated Seat and Back Rest

What is StayWarm? – Staywarm is an extra added comfort feature available with a number of our baths. The feature heats the underside and back of your bath seat. Helping you to stay warm and comfortable in bath. You can easily adjust the StayWarm feature and can feel safe in the knowledge that there is an automatic cut off mechanism.

chromotherapy bath


What is Chromotherapy? – Chromotherapy is an ancient natural light treatment that helps promote emotional well-being through light waves of a variety colour. Offering a range of benefits to the user.

Chromotherapy is a treatment based around the energy of certain light waves which leads to enhanced emotional spiritual and physical well-being. There are a number of different options for you to select from which are related to different attributes.