• Slip resistant seat and base

    Contoured back rest and a slip-resistant built-in seat and base for added comfort and safety.

  • Leak-free door with lifetime seal guarantee

    Our doors and seals are designed to fit securely while a secure locking mechanism ensures your bath water stays where it belongs – in the bath. All our door seals are guaranteed for life which means no worries for you.

  • Thermostatic control

    Our thermostatically controlled taps provide a safe, even flow of water at a temperature regulated by you and prevent accidental scalding.

  • Grab bar for extra security

    Stylish grab bars provide extra security and safety when you need it most.

  • Low-threshold step

    With our low-threshold doors, stepping in and out of the bath is safe and easy.

  • Luxury options - StayWarm

    Our pre-heated seat and back rest lets you enjoy the warm water flowing over you as the bath fills.