Disabled Showers

For those who are less abled or reaching an age where mobility problems become an issue, safe and stylish disabled bathrooms allow you to maintain your independence and help you continue to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing shower experience.

To help you find the ideal solution, Premier Care have a fantastic range of disabled showers suitable for any size or style of bathroom.

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Who will benefit from a disabled shower?

Easy access showers are a good choice for an individuals with a whole range of ailments and not just for wheelchair users. Even those experiencing a slight loss of mobility can greatly benefit from the accessibility, ease and comfort offered by low and level access showers. Better yet, with modern mobility showers there’s no need to compromise on aesthetics. Our disability showers are designed to improve your quality of life with the advantage of having fully modified disabled shower cubicles including disable friendly shower trays and space for careers to assist in the bathing process. Premier Care also have a huge range of smart seating, elegant splashguards and anti-slip flooring to choose from. Installing a mobility shower or wet room in your home provides you with extra safety and comfort and also adds a touch luxury to your bathroom.

What can I expect from a disabled shower?

Disabled shower cubicles are designed to provide open access for practical bathing. Depending on your requirements, the team at Premier Care will be able to tailor a disabled shower enclosure to perfectly suit your needs.

Whether you need to adapt an existing en suite or completely renovate your current bathroom to enable wheelchair access, a disabled shower is one of the best ways to capitalise on limited space.

As disability shower designs feature everything from a split door to enable a carer to assist a less abled person to a low level shower head, the configuration of a disabled shower is so flexible that it is ideal for any type of property.

It may be that there is only one member of your family or in your household that would benefit from an installation of a shower for the disabled or those less mobile. However, due to the practicality of disabled shower enclosures the installation won’t be a nuisance to those fully abled individuals in the household. In fact, the addition of an easy access shower unit ensures that if there was to be any change in a family member’s mobility either long term or short term, no amendments will need to be made to the bathing situation.

What are the benefits of having a disabled shower?

However your current bathroom is designed, for people with mobility issues a separate shower enclosure, combined shower bath or conventional bath tub invariably presents a challenge. A disabled shower can offer total peace of mind for individuals and their relatives concerned about mobility issues.

Tailored to reduce the risk of injury, easy to keep clean, long lasting and durable, a disabled shower is a truly great investment for those concerned with comfort and safety. A Premier Care disabled shower also brings a much needed element of luxury to bath time, boasting wonderful features such as thermostatically controlled cool touch water temperature, smear free glass, elegantly polished finishes and high quality seating.

Investing in a disabled shower or an entire disabled bathroom suite will help you take the first vital step towards creating a home that you can move around in with ease.
With the help of Premier Care you can ensure that your bespoke disabled bathroom design not only maximises the space you have in your bathroom but also that it is in keeping with your tastes and the rest of your home.