Walk-in Showers Leeds

  • PremClear

    Our protective coating repels limescale, soap scum and water on the glass. It forms an invisible, microscopically smooth shield to prevent the build up of grime, so your shower looks cleaner for longer.

  • Grab bar for extra security

    Stainless steel and plastic fluted grab bars provide extra security and safety when you need it most.

  • Thermostatic safety controls

    Our thermostatically controlled Cool Touch shower stays cool to the touch while in use and ensures a safe, constant water temperature.

  • Folding seat

    Our attractive, comfortable seats are available in contemporary styles (wooden or padded) with or without armrests.

  • Slip-resistant, low-access tray

    Our low-access shower trays make getting into the shower easier and safe with built in slip-resistance.


At Premier Care we believe everyone should be able to experience a safe and enjoyable bathing experience. With all of our walk-in showers we offer additional features to enhance that bathing experience.

The Rejuvenate walk-in shower has a wide choice of sizes, door and trim choices. This luxurious range of shower has a chrome finish and a built-in hygiene system that reduces bacterial growth by up to 99%. It can also be fitted over existing wall tiles making it quick and simple to install. All of which are features which our customers in Leeds have found make it easier to clean and maintain the Rejuvenate walk-in shower.

The half-height door is great for people who need additional support in the bath. Anyone who is suffering from osteoarthritis will find the Rejuvenate showers beneficial as it provides increased support. Osteoarthritis is one of the most common types of arthritis alongside rheumatoid arthritis. In Leeds there is a population of 286,449 who are over the age of 45 out of which 34,645 have severe hip and knee osteoarthritis – to date (Arthritis Research).

Walk-in showers are ideal for people who need increased support and safety in their bathrooms. The Rejuvenate showers offer a wide range of options and are versatile making it suitable for all.

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