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FAQsWalk-in baths

Hydrovescent spa massage

What is Hydrovescent? – Champagne like streams are created by air jets around the sides and bottom of the bath. These thin and gentle jets are much softer than conventional jets and help to improve circulation as well as relax muscles and relieve inflammation. The Hydrovescent system is a perfect added luxury to your bath if you want to give your bathroom a spa feel. Our spa system is attentively designed to ease aches and pains and bring relief to a range of ailments. The Hydrovescent therapy can help relax and relieve the body even when you are suffering from symptoms associated with conditions as severe as Arthritis, as well as having a soothing effect on those who suffer from migraines and stress.

FAQsPricing & Finance

Pricing Your New Bathroom | Premier Care in Bathing

The price of our walk-in baths varies based on a number of different factors. Making a bathroom more accessible to an individual varies on a case by case basis, the reason being there is no set price for a Premier Care in Bathing walk-in bath or installation. This is due to our experienced advisor’s dedication to carefully assess your needs and requirements on an individual level and providing a quote based on this one-on-one assessment. Cost of installation of our walk-in baths is also dependent on both the product and space.

We have a number of wonderful features that can be added to our walk-in baths to help make them even more accessible or if you prefer to add a touch of luxury, we also have various deluxe features for you to enjoy, such as Chromotherapy, StayWarm and our Hydrovescent Spa system. For more information on the cost of walk-in baths we offer a free design service. As well as as full measurement of your bathroom we can offer a show you the range of walk-in baths most suitable for your bathroom installation.

FAQsWalk-in baths

Why Choose Premier Care Bathrooms?

Premier has some of the lowest access steps currently available in walk-in baths making stepping into and out of the bath safe and secure. Our baths feature thermostatically controlled taps to provide a safe even flow of water to prevent scolding. Our craftsmen are proud of the quality of their work and our seals are guaranteed for life meaning no worries for you.

Our Which? Trusted Traders endorsement is evidence of just how much we value our customers and aim to provide a quality service that is focused on quality, confidence and satisfaction. We are here to make all of your bathroom dreams become a reality. We’re here to turn your bathroom into a sanctuary.



Walk-in bathsWalk-in showersWet room

Safety features for easy access

To ensure the ultimate stress-free and relaxing showering experience, our products can be fitted with the following safety measures: Slip-resistant surfaces on shower trays: To make your bathing safer, we fit our showers and wet rooms with slip-resistant surfacing to avoid any accidental slips or falls. Low-level access: For easy entry, all walk-in shower trays have the lowest available step available. The safe height provides you with little to no effort in entering the shower. Grab bars: Stainless steel or plastic grab bars equip the user with additional security to enter and exit the shower safely. Splashguard and separate drying area: All walk-in showers are available to include a separate drying area and some can feature a splashguard.

Our optional splashguard is designed to protect your bathroom flooring from any escaping water but also allows for a door-free shower, improving access when entering or exiting your walk-in shower. Separate drying area options are also available to improve your bathing experience even further. Thermostatic control: To keep the water at a comfortable temperature, we also install thermostatic controls within each walk-in shower. This way, the pressure and temperature remain at a comfortable level for the user. Door accessibility options: There’s a wide selection of door choices on offer for our walk-in showers from fixed panel to sliding door which glides with ease, to half-height doors and split-front doors for assisted bathing plus a choice of splash guards to keep the area surrounding the shower dry and slip-free.

Walk-in showers

Large and small bathing options that cater to any bathroom size

Our walk-in showers are designed and adapted for a variety of different bathrooms, so no matter how awkwardly shaped or small your room is, we will still find solutions so you are able to experience the pleasure of one of our walk-in showers or wet rooms. Installing a walk-in shower or wet room in place of an existing bath, that is no longer used, can make the most of all available space. The Invigorate walk-in is our most flexible model, with its compact size perfect for those with en-suites or anyone after a premium space saving option.

Walk-in showers

Bathrooms for carer access and wheelchair users

The Inspire disability shower puts ease of access first, therefore, it’s a fantastic choice for anybody who needs assistance when bathing. The folding doors, in a choice of either tempered safety glass or polycarbonate safety glazing, are half height to help with assisted bathing. Features such as the magnetic doors, the slip-resistant low-level shower tray, folding seat and grab bars help to make this versatile disability shower one of the best available. Our Stimulate shower is the perfect option for those looking for a wet room installation.

The unobstructed flooring makes a wetroom an absolutely perfect option for those who use a wheelchair or other walking/mobility devices. Equally, if you need the support of a carer when bathing, wet rooms are a great option as they offer more space for extra support. Other models that provide easy accessibility include rejuvenate and Inspire walk-in shower. The Rejuvenate and inspire models provide a slip-resistant, low-level shower trays for increased safety and can be designed to cater to your specific needs, such as half-height door options that are designed to help those who need assistance with their bathing.

Walk-in showers

What is a walk-in shower?

How do walk-in showers differ from other showers? Unlike many showers, Premier Care walk-in showers standalone rather than as part of a bath. They also offer an ultra-low-level lip (from 40mm in height) providing a very small step into the shower tray. This ensures low-level access and reduces the risks of tripping. Making entering and exiting the shower safer for everyone using it.

Premier bathrooms do not look like disability bathrooms. We have all of the features which make our bathrooms accessible and safe for those living with mobility issues but we take great pride in creating bathrooms that are elegant, smart and stylish. Even when it comes to things like the shower seats – we use high-quality materials which compliment beautifully with the satin chrome shine of the fixtures and finishes. The grab bars are discreet and modern looking and blend in with the luxurious feel of the shower cubicles. For those who have mobility issues or disabilities, our bathrooms offer the brilliance of a walk-in shower, combined with the ease of use of a disability bathroom without sacrificing on style and comfort. For example, the Revive fixed panel shower not only has open access so you can walk in and out easily, a comfortable seat but also creates a fresh, modern look for your bathroom.

To ensure your safety and comfort, all our showers are fitted with low-access, slip-resistant trays; high-quality, tempered safety glass and attractive, comfortable seats. Easy to use thermostatically controlled water systems with Cool Touch technology, ensure a safe, constant water temperature and also stay cool to the touch while in use. Grab bars offer you extra security when you are getting into and out of the shower enclosure, and easy-clean wall panelling help eliminates unsightly grout and mould and make cleaning simple. In our extensive range, we also have wet rooms and disabled showers. Our solutions are designed to suit all manner of individuals and their needs. Our bathrooms do not only become the solution for one problem, they act as way to future proof your home, and make the bathroom enjoyable for all the family.



Walk-in showersWet room

What are the advantages of a wet room?

In a wet room, there are no shower trays to step into or shower doors to close – everything is on one level – making it the most accessible bathroom option for those who find it difficult getting in and out of the shower or bath. It’s a particularly good design for wheelchair users, who simply wheel their bathing chair into the right position and wash. There are additional benefits, too. Firstly, removing the bath or shower cubicle will create extra space in your bathroom. Secondly, the whole room is waterproofed with tiles from floor to ceiling, helping to prevent damp and mould. This usually also makes it easier to clean. Thirdly, a wet room can add considerable value to your property, as they are considered stylish and contemporary, although you’ll need a ‘standard’ bathroom as well to tick all the right boxes.

Walk-in showersWet room

How does a wet room work?

A wet room is designed to make bathing as easy as possible. It gets rid of any obstacles in the way – the shower tray and door – so you can simply enter the bathroom, turn on the shower and wash. The floor gently slopes towards a central drain, and all the walls are tiled, making the room entirely waterproof. Wet rooms are particularly good at accommodating changes in mobility. Seats and grab rails can be placed under the shower and the extra space makes it easier for carers to lend a hand, should one be needed in future. Wheelchair users can also continue to wash without worry.

Walk-in showersWet room

What is a wet room?

A wet room is a waterproof bathroom where there is no shower tray to step into or shower cubicle door to close. The room is designed to be completely open, with a shower floor that’s flush with the rest of the bathroom. Wet rooms are extremely practical, particularly if you have mobility issues, as they eliminate the need to step into a shower cubicle or bath. An option like our Stimulate wet room is also very stylish, with the shower blending into a contemporary bathroom design. It’s also easier to clean, with fewer surfaces and corners to worry about. Wet rooms can be adapted to different sizes depending on your needs and the space available, and always come with slip-resistant tiling to make sure you’re extra safe.

Delivery & InstallationWet room

Can I have a wet room fitted?

Wet rooms are highly adaptable and can be fitted in large and small bathrooms. Once installed, the open plan design also gives the illusion of greater space. Our experts understand the complexities involved in installing a wet room, which is why we offer a free, no-obligation survey, so they can advise you in the right way.

Delivery & InstallationFAQs

Do you provide me with a full warranty?

Yes, we provide a comprehensive guarantee on all our products and installation work.

Delivery & Installation

Do you fit tiles?

Yes we do. We are happy to fit any tiles of your choice during the installation. Because of constant range changes we no longer hold any stock of tiles, but are more tha happy to fit any your have sourced elsewhere. Alternatively, we also offer a full range of low maintenance hygenic wall boards.

Pricing & Finance

Do you offer a free survey?

Your bathroom is unique, just like every solution here at Premier Care in Bathing. That’s why we offer a free, no-obligation home assessment, so we can find out about your needs and check your bathroom to give you an exact price.

Walk-in showers

What are the main safety features of a walk-in shower?

For your safety and comfort, all our showers are fitted with low-access, slip-resistant trays; high-quality, tempered safety glass; and attractive, comfortable seats. Thermostatically controlled water systems with Cool Touch technology also ensure a consistent water temperature while remaining cool to the touch. Grab bars can offer you extra security when getting in and out of the shower, and easy-clean wall panelling will help eliminate unsightly grout and mould, making cleaning simpler.

Walk-in showers

How does a walk-in shower differ from a normal shower?

Our walk-in showers have an ultra-low-level lip – from just 40mm in height – to ensure the smallest possible step into the shower tray. This makes entering and exiting much safer compared to a normal shower, reducing the risk of tripping or falling, and helping to prevent injury. They are a functional, safe and stylish choice for any bathroom.

Walk-in showers

How high are your shower trays?

Our ultra-low shower trays start at 40mm in height. In some circumstances, these can be sunk into the floor to offer a lower or level access threshold.

FAQsWalk-in showersWet room

Can you replace my bath with a shower or wet room?

Yes, many of the installations we do are to replace a traditional bath with a walk-in shower or wet room. Many people struggle getting in and out of a bathtub and find it easier and safer to use an easy-access shower. We offer a free, no-obligation survey to show you what’s possible for your specific bathroom.

Walk-in showers

What is the smallest shower tray you can do?

The smallest shower trays we install are 800 x 800mm or 1200 x 700mm. In certain circumstances, these can be trimmed down in size to fit a smaller area. We offer a free, no-obligation survey to check the smallest shower tray we can install in your bathroom.

FAQsWalk-in showers

What is a shower chair?

Walk-in shower chairs or built-in shower benches are designed to give you extra stability when showering. These are very useful if you cannot stand for long periods or feel at risk of falling or slipping. Waterproof in design, they can be freestanding or fitted to the shower wall. Premier Care supply and install wall-mounted folding shower seats, with or without arms, in either a varnished rubberwood or padded design.

Delivery & InstallationWalk-in showers

What is a thermostatic shower?

Safety is key with thermostatic showers, as they regulate the temperature of the water, meaning you’ll never get scalded or hit with jets of freezing cold water. These showers are a good idea for family bathrooms, ensuring everyone has a pleasant experience with no unexpected surprises.

FAQsWalk-in showers

What styles of shower are available?

We include a CoolTouch thermostatic mixer shower with an integrated riser grab bar on all of our installations. We also offer the AquaPure thermostatic electric shower, the PureLux thermostatic mixer shower, with digital technology, or the Monsoon rain head shower, offering the perfect balance between performance and contemporary styling.

Pricing & FinanceWalk-in baths

How much does a mobility bathroom cost?

All Premier Care wet rooms, walk-in baths and walk-in showers are custom-designed to fit your bathroom, so there are no set prices on our products. To accurately price your new bath or shower installation we consider many factors, including the layout of your bathroom, the space available, and your individual needs. That’s why we offer a free, no-obligation home visit. During our visit, we assess the electrics, drainage, radiators, water pressure and other building and installation considerations. It’s then up to you to choose which decoration you’d like, and other elements such as sanitary ware, tiling and flooring.

We also ask you to consider whether you need grab rails, and, if so, how many and where they should go. Once we have gathered all this information, we provide an accurate, no-obligation fixed price quotation there and then. This includes the design, delivery and installation of a bathroom specifically designed for your needs. We manage your project from design through to installation, coordinating every person required to complete the bathroom on time – surveyors, plasterers, electricians and plumbers – and removing all rubbish when we’re done.

If you think you may be entitled to a grant or funding to help towards the cost of your bathroom, then please get in contact with one of our knowledgeable and friendly members of staff.

Pricing & Finance

How much is it going to cost?

Every installation is different, depending on your personal needs, the size of your bathroom, and the existing plumbing and electrics. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation, so an expert can assess your specific circumstances and requirements, and then provide you with a price – right down to the last penny.

Pricing & Finance

Do you offer grants?

You may be eligible for a Disabled Facilities Grant (DLF) to help adapt your bathroom. Premier Care in Bathing cannot make this application on your behalf; you must apply through your local council. More information is available online here –

Pricing & Finance

I’m disabled, do I have to pay VAT?

You may not have to pay VAT on an adapted bathroom if you have a mental or physical impairment that affects your ability to complete daily activities. Our advisors will check with you to see if are applicable for zero or reduced VAT.

Delivery & InstallationFAQs

What if my bathroom is an awkward shape or size?

Our products can be adapted to fit almost any shape and size of bathroom. So, no matter how small or awkwardly shaped yours is, we will find a solution that works for you. The Invigorate walk-in is our most flexible model, with a compact size perfect for those with an en-suite or for anyone looking for a premium space saving option.

Could we use our own plumber?

Premier Care in Bathing offer a fully inclusive service. This means we look after everything from the design, supply and installation of your bath or shower room. We do not offer a supply-only service for your own plumbers.

Delivery & Installation

How long will it take between me placing an order and the installation starting?

When you place your order, an advisor will provide you with a forecast installation timescale.

Will I be left without toilet facilities?

We always minimise the time you are left without a usable toilet. In most cases, this is limited to just a few hours.

Delivery & Installation

Is Premier Care in Bathing properly qualified for electrical installation work?

Yes, we are fully compliant and all electrical work is certificated to part “P” regulations.

Delivery & InstallationFAQs

What qualifications do your installers have?

All our experts have undergone individual assessment by Premier Care in Bathing to ensure they install your new bathroom to the highest standards.

Delivery & Installation

My bathroom is small and has an unusual shape. Can you help?

Yes, we will be pleased to assess the practicality of installing one of our easy-access products in your bathroom. Of course, this service is free and without obligation.

Delivery & Installation

Do you install heating or radiators?

We supply and install a range of heated towel rails and radiators to complement your bathroom. These can be either straight or curved and are available in a chrome or white finish. They can be wet feed, dual fuel or electric.

Delivery & InstallationWalk-in baths

Do you install bathroom furniture?

We can design and install a complete bathroom, including a full range of contemporary bathroom furniture, sanitary ware and accessories.

FAQsWalk-in baths

What is StayWarm?

What is StayWarm? – Staywarm is an extra added comfort feature available with a number of our walk-in baths. The feature heats the underside and back of your bath seat. Helping you to stay warm and comfortable in bath. You can easily adjust the StayWarm feature and can feel safe in the knowledge that there is an automatic cut off mechanism.

This kind of heat therapy also improves blood circulation, helping blood flow to all your vital organs to supply them with oxygen and nutrients. This can improve your blood sugar control and help lower your blood pressure. It can also relieve inflammation of the muscles.

FAQsWalk-in baths

What is Chromotherapy?

What is Chromotherapy? – Chromotherapy is an ancient natural light treatment that helps promote emotional well-being through light waves of a variety colour. Offering a range of benefits to the user. Chromotherapy is a treatment based around the energy of certain light waves which leads to enhanced emotional spiritual and physical well-being. There are a number of different options for you to select from which are related to different attributes. Chromotherapy can be installed as an option on most of our walk-in baths. Please speak to a member of our team to see it’s available for your chosen model.

Walk-in baths

What size of bath is best?

Baths and showers come in many shapes and sizes. In the past, you may have opted for a shower thinking your bathroom would be too small for a bath. Our ultra-compact option, the Oasis, may change your mind. Half the length of a traditional bath, but twice as deep, it allows for a deep soak in a small space. The contoured, slip-resistant seat will ensure you are completely supported.

The Cove and the Tranquillity are also popular compact options. The Cove comes with an optional shower canopy, so the bathtub can be used as an easy access shower, complete with an adjustable shower head. The Tranquillity has the lowest door entry of any walk-in bath in the UK and a wide opening door.

The Assure is also on the smaller side. It has an inward-opening door with low-level step and comes with two seating options: the standard bath seat or an extension seat. Or, if you have a standard bathroom layout, you may be interested in our Sanctuary model. This also comes with an optional shower canopy and adjustable shower head. Finally, the extra-deep, slip-resistant seat design of the Haven offers the best in comfort and practicality.

If size isn’t a worry for you and you have plenty of space to play with, we have several standard full-length and larger walk-in baths available. The Empower is a full-length bath with low-level access and a Simple Lift power seat (available as part of two removable seat options). It also comes with optional Hydrovescent and Chromotherapy systems. The Momentum is also full-length and incorporates the Simple Lift powered seat to ensure you are safely lifted in and out and over the side of the bath. Space is a common obstacle and individuals often feel they must choose between a bath or a shower. The Paradise combats this issue. ‘P’ shaped, it combines the pleasure of bathing with the practicality of showering.

All our baths also come with the option of a shower canopy. Choose from four different shower heads to complete your bath and shower combination.

FAQsWalk-in baths

How do I use a walk-in bath?

Walk-in baths are easy to use. We have a number of different options so whatever your mobility capabilities are we will be able to find a way to facilitate you and ensure that you can continue using and enjoying your baths for as long as you wish to. There are two main features that provide easy access to your bath. In all of our models we provide low level access doors. This feature enables you to easily climb in and out of the bath without having to climb over the side. All of the doors are fitted with a life time guarantee seal, so you never have to worry about leakages, with a choice of baths where the doors open either inwardly or outwardly. Finally, there is also the easy to use lever-style lock to open and shut the bath door. This means that you will have a good grip on the handle and it’s simple to operate if you are unable to manoeuvre around small or fiddly latches – especially when your hands are wet. The second feature the Simple Lift powered seat is consciously designed for complete ease of access to enhance your bathing experience. The powered seat allows easy entry and exit with one simple control. Powered seats are available in the Empower, Momentum and Paradise bath models.

FAQsWalk-in baths

How high is the step into a walk-in bath?

We have some of the lowest access walk-in baths available. Our lowest entry bath is the Tranqulity, which has a step height of just 4.5 inches/102mm.

Walk-in baths

How does a walk-in bath work?

All walk-in baths have a door on the side and a very low step, so you can walk in and out more easily. Most have a built-in seat, too, so you don’t have to lower yourself all the way down to the bottom. These baths are double the height of a standard bath to ensure your whole body is submerged in water. However, we also have a few full-length walk-in baths in our range for those who prefer lying down. These come with the option of a powered seat to gently lower you down.

FAQsWalk-in bathsWalk-in showers

What is a thermostatic tap?

A thermostatic tap is an essential part of safe bathing. It blends both hot and cold water to maintain your ideal temperature, while also regulating the flow. All our walk-in and powered baths come fitted with our standard thermostatic bath filler. These are compliant with TMV regulations – the highest rating available for thermostatic valves providing protection against scalding.

FAQsWalk-in bathsWalk-in showersWet room

Are mobility bathrooms easy to clean?

We know how important hygiene is for our customers. The safety glass on all our showers has an invisible PremClear coating that keeps mould, limescale and bacteria at bay. This helps to maintain the cleanliness, and therefore the longevity, of your bathroom. The coating also ensures that the glass continues to sparkle over time, with a 99% success rate when it comes to fighting the build-up of soap residue on the surface.

By nature, wet rooms are easy to keep clean. Wet room floors can be cleaned along with the rest of the bathroom floor.

FAQsWalk-in showersWet room

Which bathroom is best for wheelchair users?

For wheelchair users, our Stimulate wet room is the ultimate in hassle-free bathing. With no need to get in or out of the shower or bath, simply wheel the chair to the desired position and wash. Seats and grab rails can be placed under the shower, too, and the extra space makes it easier for carers to lend a hand.

Walk-in showers

Which bathroom is best for carer access?

The Inspire disability shower puts ease of access first, so it’s a fantastic choice for anyone who relies on a carer. The magnetic folding doors, in either tempered safety glass or polycarbonate safety glazing, are half-height to help with assisted bathing. Additional features such as the slip resistant low-level shower tray, folding seat, and grab bars help to make this disability shower one of the best available. Our Stimulate wet room also provides easy access for carers.

FAQsWalk-in bathsWalk-in showersWet room

Will my mobility bathroom look like a disability bathroom?

Premier Care bathrooms do not look like disability bathrooms. All our baths and showers are accessible and safe for those living with mobility issues, but we take great pride in creating bathrooms that are elegant, smart and stylish. Even when it comes to additional features like shower seats, we use high-quality materials that beautifully complement the satin chrome fixtures and finishes. For example, see our Revive walk-in shower. Grab bars are also discreet and modern to blend in with the overall design of the shower cubicle.

Delivery & InstallationFAQsWalk-in bathsWalk-in showersWet room

How else can I customise my bathroom?

All our mobility bathrooms can be adapted to your individual needs. Below is a breakdown of some of the options available.

Sanitary ware: We offer both contemporary and traditional designs in basins, pedestal, toilets and bidets, with all potteries exclusively hand designed.

Showers and taps: We also offer a choice of traditional and contemporary shower fittings and taps to suit a range of bathrooms. Manufactured using the finest materials, we want you to have a say over the finishing touches.

Wall boards, floors and tiling: Keeping up with design trends, we provide a range of tiling and flooring options. These add to the overall style of your bathroom, while improving safety and hygiene. From white marble wall boards to darker shades of African mahogany, choose from different textures and tones to complement your bathroom fittings.

Slip-resistant surfaces on shower trays: To make your bathing safer, we fit all our showers and wet rooms with slip-resistant surfacing to avoid any accidental slips or falls.

Grab bars: Stainless steel or plastic grab bars can be placed anywhere in the bathroom to provide extra security.

Splashguard and separate drying area: All walk-in showers are available with a separate drying area, and some feature a splashguard to prevent water from splashing out of the bath. This also allows for a door-free shower, improving access when entering or exiting your walk-in shower.

Thermostatic control: To keep the water at a comfortable temperature and pressure, we also install thermostatic controls within each walk-in shower. The anti-scald tap will never get too hot to touch, bringing added peace of mind.

Doors: Our walk-in shower door choices include fixed panels and sliding doors, alongside half-height doors and split-front doors for assisted bathing.

Delivery & Installation

Do you supply and install everything?

Yes, we provide a complete supply and installation service.

Delivery & Installation

Do you remove all of the rubbish?

We remove all old bathroom equipment and any additional rubbish.

Delivery & Installation

Will there be a lot of mess?

We create very little mess. Our experts put down dust sheets to protect your home, taking every care to respect your property. They also ensure that old bathroom equipment and any rubbish is removed.

Delivery & Installation

Can you fit a shower in one day?

It’s possible to fit a walk-in shower in one day – if we’re simply replacing your existing shower and all plumbing and electrics are already in place. However, on average, it will take a little longer than this. We offer a free survey to check what work is needed in advance, so we can let you know how long installation will take.

Delivery & Installation

How long does it take to install a walk-in bath or shower?

Every bathroom is different, which is why offer a free survey to advise how long it will take to install a walk-in shower, walk-in bath or wet room in yours. An average bathroom takes around four days to complete, but this will vary depending on elements including electrical work, plumbing changes and the fitting of accessories.

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