Walk-in Showers

Premier Care walk-in showers have been specifically designed to allow everyone to enjoy a comfortable, relaxing shower with complete confidence and safety.

Why Choose a Walk-in Shower from Premier Care in Bathing?

  • Complete service from design to installation
  • Approved Service from a Which? Trusted Trader
  • Ultra Low-level access, ensuring entry to your shower is easy and safe
  • Thermostatically controlled Cool Touch shower offer a safe, constant water temperature
  • A full range of safety features including integrated grab rails
  • PremClear and PremShield, repelling limescale and reducing bacterial growth

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Bathrooms are interesting spaces – they serve a very basic human function but are also havens to unwind from the complexities of modern life.

Premier Care walk-in showers have been specifically designed to allow everyone to enjoy a comfortable, relaxing shower with complete confidence and safety.

As our households change with modern times, designers have used the innovative technologies and improvements of traditional styles to create bathrooms that are suitable for the whole family.

Developing old ideas have given us some fantastic choices for how we use our bathroom space today. Showers are an invigorating and refreshing way to start the day. New designs of walk-in showers and wet rooms meet modern needs that include safety and comfort, alongside style and luxury.

Traditional bathrooms aren’t always user-friendly for everyone. As anyone with any kind of mobility issues can confirm, they are often only designed for looks alone. The simplest tasks, such as taking a shower can be difficult and even dangerous for bathers, carers and even family members.

Our fantastic collections of easy access showers give you bespoke options based on your needs and the needs of your family. We’re tried, tested and accredited; Premier Care in Bathing has a Which? Trusted Traders endorsement, proving our service to our customers is truly excellent and independently assessed.

If you’re on the lookout for an easy-access walk-in shower or wet room, our unique collections can provide you with the ultimate in modern luxury.

What is a walk-in shower?

How do walk-in showers differ from other showers? Unlike many showers, Premier Care walk-in showers standalone rather than as part of a bath. They also offer an ultra low-level lip (from 40mm in height) providing a very small step into the shower tray. This ensures low-level access and reduces the risks of tripping. Making entering and exiting the shower safer for everyone using it.

Why Choose a Walk-in Shower from Premier Care in Bathing?

Stylish and luxurious

Premier bathrooms do not look like disability bathrooms. We have all of the features which make our bathrooms accessible and safe for those living with mobility issues but we take great pride in creating bathrooms that are elegant, smart and stylish.

Even when it comes to things like the shower seats – we use high-quality materials which compliment beautifully with the satin chrome shine of the fixtures and finishes. The grab bars are discreet and modern looking and blend in with the luxurious feel of the shower cubicles.

For those who have mobility issues or disabilities, our bathrooms offer the brilliance of a walk-in shower, combined with the ease of use of a disability bathroom without sacrificing on style and comfort.

For example, the Revive fixed panel shower not only has open access so you can walk in and out easily, a comfortable seat but also creates a fresh, modern look for your bathroom.

Safety combined with Style

To ensure your safety and comfort, all our showers are fitted with low-access, slip-resistant trays; high-quality, tempered safety glass and attractive, comfortable seats.

Easy to use thermostatically controlled water systems with Cool Touch technology, ensure a safe, constant water temperature and also stay cool to the touch while in use. Grab bars offer you extra security when you are getting into and out of the shower enclosure; and easy-clean wall panelling help eliminate unsightly grout and mould and make cleaning simple.

In our extensive range, we also have wet rooms and disabled showers. Our solutions are designed to suit all manner of individuals and their needs.

Our bathrooms do not only become the solution for one problem, they act as way to future proof your home, and make the bathroom enjoyable for all of the family.

What is a wet room?

There is something very lavish about wet rooms. They scream modern luxury and can turn a simple shower into an experience.

Our showers give you the confidence that you will be safe and therefore empower those with mobility issues to enjoy long, hot showers without the risk of slipping or falling.

wet room is a bathroom that features a shower that, instead of having a shower tray, shares its floor with the surrounding flooring of the bathroom it is in. Comparably, a walk-in shower features a specific shower tray with a 40mm height lip or higher. The unobstructed floor-level access of a wet room allows you to enter and exit the shower safely without having to step up or down.

The slip resistant flooring of the wet room provides increased safety for your bathing experience.

The Stimulate wet room is one of our most accessible wet rooms and its smart and contemporary look creates a streamlined and modern bathroom, not dissimilar to the stylish and luxury showers in 5* hotels.

There’s absolutely no need to sacrifice on style and ambience in your bathroom. Think of wet rooms as more of an extension of the bathroom: no shower tray means that the shower shares the floor with the whole bathroom and does not break the harmony or design.

This is great for people with mobility issues, as there is no shower tray to step or wheel over, they can be adapted to different sizes which are perfect for movement and fluidity and the separate drying area with slip resistant tiles mean you will always be completely safe.

Bespoke Bathrooms

All of our bathrooms can be adapted to your individual needs, making them undeniably bespoke. Our range of walk-in showers comes with a number of different features and options to help you rediscover the pleasure of showering safely in a modern and attractive setting.

Below is a breakdown of some of the options available:

For carer access and wheelchair users

The Inspire disability shower puts ease of access first, therefore, it’s a fantastic choice for anybody who needs assistance when bathing. The folding doors, in a choice of either tempered safety glass or polycarbonate safety glazing, are half height to help with assisted bathing. Features such as the magnetic doors, the slip resistant low-level shower tray, folding seat and grab bars help to make this versatile disability shower one of the best available.

Our Stimulate shower is the perfect option for those looking for a wet room installation. The unobstructed flooring makes a wetroom an absolutely perfect option for those who use a wheelchair or other walking/mobility devices. Equally, if you need the support of a carer when bathing, wet rooms are a great option as they offer more space for extra support.

Other models that provide easy accessibility include rejuvenate and Inspire walk-in shower. The Rejuvenate and inspire models provide a slip-resistant, low-level shower trays for increased safety and can be designed to cater to your specific needs, such as half-height door options that are designed to help those who need assistance with their bathing.

Easy to clean

We know how important hygiene is for our customers. The safety glass on all of our showers come with an invisible PremClear coating which helps to keep mould, limescale and bacteria at bay. This coating also helps to keep the glass sparkling and shiny as it fights soap residue build up on the surface. It is 99% successful in treating this irritating bathroom ailment and helps maintain the cleanliness and longevity of your bathroom.

By nature, wet rooms and walk-in showers are very easy to keep clean. Wet room floors can be cleaned along with the rest of the bathroom floor and shower trays may need a simple spray of disinfectant and a rinse.

Large and small bathing options that cater to any bathroom size

Our walk-in showers are designed and adapted for a variety of different bathrooms, so no matter how awkwardly shaped or small your room is, we will still find solutions so you are able to experience the pleasure of one of our walk-in showers or wet rooms.

Installing a walk-in shower or wet room in place of an existing bath, that is no longer used, can make the most of all available space.

The Invigorate walk-in is our most flexible model, with its compact size perfect for those with en-suites or anyone after a premium space saving option.

Luxury customisable style

All Premier Care walk-in showers are sleek and stylish designs that are versatile enough to fit any bathroom. However, to ensure you have your personal touch with your walk-in shower, we provide the following options:

Sanitary ware: Our customisable options include offering both contemporary and traditional designs, with all potteries exclusively hand designed.

Showers and taps: At Premier Care, we offer a choice of shower fittings and taps to suit a range of bathrooms. We have an impressive choice of traditional and contemporary options. Manufactured from the finest materials, we let you be in charge of creating your perfect walk-in shower or wet room.

Wall boards, floors and tiling: Keeping up with current design trends, we also provide a wealth of wall and flooring options. These highlight the features of your walk-in showers and wet rooms as well as offering improved safety and hygiene. From white marble wall boards to darker shades of African mahogany, there are many textures and tones to compliment your current bathroom fittings.

Safety features for easy access

To ensure the ultimate stress-free and relaxing showering experience, our products can be fitted with the following safety measures:

Slip-resistant surfaces on shower trays: To make your bathing safer, we fit our showers and wet rooms with slip-resistant surfacing to avoid any accidental slips or falls.

Low-level access: For easy entry, all walk in shower trays have the lowest available step available. The safe height provides you with little to no effort in entering the shower.

Grab bars: Stainless steel or plastic grab bars equip the user with additional security to enter and exit the shower safely.

Splashguard and separate drying area: All walk-in showers are available to include a separate drying area and some can feature a splashguard.

Our optional splashguard is designed to protect your bathroom flooring from any escaping water but also allows for a door-free shower, improving access when entering or exiting your walk-in shower. Separate drying area options are also available to improve your bathing experience even further.

Thermostatic control: To keep the water at a comfortable temperature, we also install thermostatic controls within each walk in shower. This way, the pressure and temperature remain at a comfortable level for the user.

Door accessibility options: There’s a wide selection of door choices on offer for our walk-in showers from fixed panel to sliding door which glides with ease, to half-height doors and split-front doors for assisted bathing plus a choice of splash guards to keep the area surrounding the shower dry and slip-free.

How much does a Walk-in Shower cost?

The cost of a walk-in shower or wet room is dependent on a number of different factors including:

  • Whether or not you need a bespoke size or layout to fit an unusual bathroom shape
  • Additional grab bars or door options
  • Choice of wall and floor tiling
  • Choice of optional sanitary wear or furniture

As all of Premier Care products are bespoke and custom designed to fit your bathroom there are no set prices on our products. If you would like to find out more about prices, please see our pricing page. Alternatively, contact us to request a brochure, a call back or a free or arrange a no obligation home visit.

Service you can trust
Our recently accredited Which? Trusted Traders endorsement is evidence of just how much we value our customers and aim to provide a quality service that is focused on quality, confidence and satisfaction. We are here to make all of your bathroom dreams become a reality.

We’re here to turn your bathroom into a sanctuary.