Walk-in Showers

Premier Care walk-in showers have been specifically designed to allow everyone to enjoy a comfortable, relaxing shower with complete confidence and safety.

Why Choose a Walk-in Shower from Premier Care in Bathing?

  • Low-level access entry with just a 40mm height to the lip, ensuring entry to your shower is easy and safe.
  • Thermostatically controlled Cool Touch shower offer a safe, constant water temperature.
  • Keep your shower cleaner for longer with PremClear and PremSheild, repelling limescale and reducing bacterial growth.


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Every walk-in shower in our range is designed not only to satisfy the practical needs of our customers but also to offer a stylish addition to your bathroom. For example the Revive fixed panel shower not only has open access so you can walk in and out easily, a comfortable seat, but also creates a fresh, contemporary look for your washroom.

To ensure your safety and comfort, all our showers are fitted with low-access, slip-resistant trays; high quality, tempered safety glass; attractive, comfortable seats; an easy to use, thermostatically controlled water system with Cool touch technology that not only ensures a safe, constant water temperature but also stays cool to the touch while in use; a grab bar to offer you extra security when you are getting into and out of the shower enclosure; and easy-clean wall panelling to eliminate unsightly grout and mould and make cleaning so much simpler.

To keep our cubicles fresh and hygienic for longer, the safety glass is protected by our invisible PremClear coating that repels limescale, soap scum and water while the shower tray incorporates our built-in PremShield protection that reduces bacterial growth by up to 99%.

In our range we also have wet rooms and disabled showers. Our solutions are not reserved solely for the elderly and are suitable for all people who have difficulty with movement or mobility issues.

To help you make your decision, we have put together information on all our bathing solution options to help you discover the product that best suits your needs.

What is a wet room?

A wet room is a bathroom that features a shower that is at the same level to the surrounding floor compared to walk-in showers that feature a 40mm height lip. The unobstructed floor-level access allows you to easily enter and exit the shower, with the slip resistant flooring providing increased safety for your bathing experience. Our stimulate model is the perfect option for those looking for a wet room installation. The unobstructed flooring gives the ultimate safety experience for those with those concerns in mind. A wet room is an absolutely perfect option for those who use a wheelchair or other walking/mobility devices. Equally, if you need support of a carer while bathing wet rooms are a good option as it offers more space for extra support.

Our shower models – Designed with for your needs in mind

Our range of walk-in showers come with a number of different features and extras to help you take back the pleasure of showering safely in an aesthetically pleasing setting. Below is a breakdown of the type of extras provided:

For wheelchair accessibility

Our Premier Care Stimulate wet room is designed with your reassurance and comfort in mind. Stylish and practical, it is the perfect choice if you are needing easy access for a wheelchair or other mobility aid.

Other models that provide easy accessibility include rejuvenate and Inspire walk-in shower. The Rejuvenate and inspire models provide a slip-resistant, low-level shower tray for increased safety and can be designed to cater to your specific needs, such as half-height door options that is designed to help those who need assistance with their bathing.

Easy to clean

To simplify your bathing experience, we fit all of our models with our protective PremClear coating that repels against limescale and soap scum. Also providing your Premier Care Bath against build-up of grime is our PremShield that helps to reduce growth of bacteria by 99%.

Large and small bathing options that cater to any bathroom size

Each and every Premier Care walk-in shower can be fitted to your available space. The Invigorate walk-in is our most flexible model, with its compact size perfect for those with en-suites or simply after a premium space saver option.

Luxury customisable style

There won’t be any need to compromise on your interior style preferences, as all Premier Care walk-in showers are customisable to your satisfaction. To ensure you have your personal touch on your walk-in shower, we provide the following options:

Sanitary ware: Our vast customisable options include offering both contemporary and traditional designs, with all potteries exclusively hand designed using high quality UK china clay.

Showers and taps: At Premier Care, we offer a vast range of shower fittings and taps to cater to your design preferences. We have an impressive array of traditional and contemporary shower fittings and taps to suit your interior desire. Manufactured from the finest of quality chrome with specific heating systems to cater to your needs, we let you be in charge of creating your perfect walk-in shower and wet rooms.

Wall boards, floors and tiling: Keeping up with current design trends, we also provide a wealth of wall and flooring options to highlight the features of your walk-in showers and wet rooms. From white marble wall boards, to darker shades of African mahogany, there are many textures and tones to compliment your current bathroom fittings.

Chrome trimmings: Benefit from our wide range of customisable details by choosing one of our 6 different trimming colours.

Safety features for easy access

To ensure your showering experience provides the ultimate stress-free and relaxing experience, we fit each and every one of our products with the following safety measures:

Slip-resistant surfaces on shower trays: To provide a safer bathing experience, we fit the bottom of our showers and wet rooms with non-slip surfacing to avoid any accidental slips or falls.

Low level access: For easy entry, all walk in shower floors measure a 40mm height to the lip. The shortened height provides the individual with little to no effort in entering the shower.

Grab bars: Stainless steel or plastic grab bars equip the user with additional security to enter and exit the shower safely.

Splashguard and separate drying area: All walk-in showers are available to include a separate drying area and some can feature a splashguard. Our optional splashguard is designed to protect your bathroom flooring from any splashback and unwanted leaks, limiting your chances of slips or falls when exiting your walk-in shower. Separate drying area options are also available for those who are seeking additional safety measurements to allow you to have a seamless bathing experience.

Thermostatic control: To keep the water at a comfortable temperature, we also install thermostatic controls within each walk in shower. This way, the pressure and temperature remain at a comfortable level for the user.

Folding seat: Our walk in shower seating comes in two styles, wooden or padded and with or without arm rests. The seats, installed for comfort within your walk in shower, are also height adjustable.

Door accessibility options: All walk-in showers include a variety of door options to cater to mobility issues or personal aesthetic preferences. These types include half height doors, curved doors and split fold sliding doors that can suit any bathroom design.

How much does a Walk-in Shower cost?

The cost of a walk-in shower or wet room is dependent on a number of different factors including; whether or not you need a bespoke size or layout to fit an unusual bathroom shape, whether you would like additional space for a carer, and whether you want to add additional grab bars or door options. As all of Premier Care products are bespoke and custom designed to fit your every need there is no set prices on our products, if you would like to find out more about prices please see our pricing page. Alternatively, contact us to request a brochure, a call back or a free, no obligation home visit.


All Premier Care walk-in showers are fitted to include our specialised PremClear and PremShield products that aim to reduce bacterial growth by up to 99%. These protective coats that repel limescale, soap scum and water are created by us to ensure that your walk-in shower requires minimal aftercare efforts on your behalf.

Our promise to you

At Premier Care, it is our promise to give our customers the ‘high quality service you deserve’. In saying this, we offer over 27 years of experience to give you the best quote to suit your bathroom for installation. To speak to one of our experts on pricing, contact us here.