Pricing – Walk-in Baths, Showers and Wet Rooms

We receive many questions from people looking to make their bathroom more accessible, such as how long will the installation take or will it fit etc. and we have tried to answer many of those questions on our FAQ page. One of the most common queries we receive from potential customers at Premier Care in Bathing is often for prices of walk-in baths, showers and wet rooms. There are a number of factors to take into consideration when looking at prices of a walk-in bath, shower or wet room and we have tried to answer the following questions as best as possible.

Do Premier Care in Bathing offer finance?
How much does a Walk-in Bath cost?
How much does a Walk-in Shower cost?
How much does a Wet Room cost?
How much are Hydrovescent tubs?
How much are Premier Care baths?

The price of Premier Care products varies according to a number of different factors. No one person’s needs or requirements are quite a like. With this in mind there are no set prices for Premier Care bathroom installations. Instead, we provide each individual with a personalised quote for their bathing needs. The below guide to pricing is provided to help you define exactly what factors are going to have an impact on your quote.

Do Premier Care in Bathing offer finance?

Authorised and regulated by the Finance Conduct Authority. We offer a range of finance products from one lender.

How much does a Walk-in Bath cost?

Premier care has a vast range of walk-in baths, all with a variety of options to help you regain the luxury of bathing. We offer 9 different walk-in baths and depending on your specific needs as well your bathroom layout we will provide a tailored customer experience and free design service. The price of the walk-in bath will be dependent on:

• The most suitable bath from the multiple different sizes we have on offer, ranging from extra-large baths to ultra-compact baths, suitable for even the smallest of bathroom

• The style you choose: depending on the layout of your bathroom and your own personal style we have a number of options for you to choose from

• Door options: From within our bath range we have various door options and sizes

This is to help accommodate for a variety of mobility requirements and different easy access and safety options. If your mobility is especially restricted we do have models that have extra support in this area. Our Momentum model for example has a Simple Lift powered seat which allows entry and exiting from the bath with one simple control.

jacuzzi-walk-in-bath-low-stepAdditional options

We offer a range of useful and luxurious optional extras to all of our baths. Which, if you choose to select will have an effect on the over price of your walk-in bath.

Hydrovescent system: The hydrovescent system helps specifically with localised aches and pains caused by a range of aliments.

Chromotherapy: An ancient treatment that involves the energy in specific light waves to enhance emotional, spiritual and physical well-being

StayWarm: A StayWarm bath seat helps keep the underside and back of your bath seat warm, for added comfort in the bath.

Along with the help of our knowledgeable staff we will be able to create a quote that suits your needs perfectly, contact us to arrange a free personalised quotation.

How much does a Walk-in Shower cost?

We offer a variety of walk-in showers that are attractive, stylish and have unique designs, all tailored to the needs of you and your family. All of our walk-in showers include protective coating, thermostatic control and a slip resistant tray.

Depending on the layout of your bathroom, Premier offers easy access showers that are designed to fit large spaces, as well as styles that are ideal for en-suites or small spaces.

Premier Care offers a large range of walk-in showers, each suited to different needs and bathroom space. The pricing of the walk-in shower depends on individual needs and other factors such as whether you require:

walk in showers• A bespoke size of shower, which will depend on the layout and size of your bathroom

• A foldable chair, which can either be in an attractive wood or padded finish for optimal comfort

• A variety of door options to suit your abilities or mobility aids

• Whether you require space for a carer to assist you as you use the walk-in shower

• Grab Bars for additional support while you are getting in and out of the shower as well as during.

With all of our features we can create and easy access shower that fits the requirements of all of the family. Contact us to arrange a free personalised quotation.

How much does a Wet Room cost?

We offer stylish wet rooms combining ease of access and safety which make full use of your bathroom space.

Our wet rooms provide level access for easy accessibility for wheelchair and mobility aid users. There are a range of flooring options and splash-guards that also make up price of your wet room.

Grab rails can also be added to your wet room for additional support while you are showering and also entering and exiting.

wet room video

The installation process and size of your bathroom will factor in the cost of your wet room as well as the fixtures and fittings, our wet rooms are available in standard and bespoke sizes and have a choice of shower style. All our shower options can be installed in a wet room.

Our expert craftsmen will ensure a 100% watertight installation process that leaves you with a luxurious bathroom. To allow us to find out how much your wet room will cost, take advantage of our no-obligation bathroom design and survey.

How much are Hydrovescent tubs?

We offer many additional features to go alongside your bathing needs. Our Hydrovescent spa system relaxes the body helping with body aches and pains. The spa system can be installed in any of our walk-in baths.

The Hydrovescent spa system will be installed the same time as the walk-in bath. The pricing of the spa system depends on the chosen walk-in bath and bathroom design.

How much are Premier Care baths?

Premier Care offers a complete bathroom solution. We can help you from the design process to the final installation but do not off a supply only service. At Premier Care we are with our customer every step of the way.

We understand that each customer has individual needs. This is why we adapt our designs to suit your every need. Our bathrooms are designed to be easy to use and accessible for both the user and carer or helper, as well as adding a luxurious finish to your bathroom.

The price of a complete bathroom will be dependent on many different factors. To make your bathroom completely bespoke to you, we offer a wide range of options to help you add your personal touch to your new bathroom. All of these ‘personal touch’ items will have an effect on the final cost of your Premier Care bathroom.

Why you deserve premier care in bathingSanitary Ware
We have a choice of four different Sanitary Ware options. These vary in price as some of these designs are hand crafted exclusively for Premier, using the finest English china clay.

Showers and Taps
We have an impressive choice of shower fittings and taps to suit your personal style and heating systems, all of our options have a high quality finish

Wall Boards
We have a range of different Wall Boards in colours to suit all tastes and décor.

From within our range you can choose:

  • Pergamon marble
  • White Marble
  • Black Marble
  • Light Marble
  • Light Grey Marble
  • White Diamond Stone

We also have a wide range of floor options all of which are easy to clean, waterproof, hard wearing and slip-resistant. As with the Wall board we have a range to choose from that will have an effect on your quote:

  • White Marble
  • Canadian Cedar
  • Ivory Shale
  • Natural Oak
  • Flagstone
  • African Mahogany

We also provide multiple tiling options all of which are high quality slip resistant:

  • Affinity coffee brush wall tile
  • Black brush mosaic wall tile
  • Esprit jasmine natural porcelain floor tile
  • Tranquillity walnut floor tile
  • Affinity cappuccino brush wall tile
  • Esprit black mosaic wall tile

We aim to provide each customer with a unique and personalised experience. Due to the multiple options we have for our products there is an opportunity to give your bathroom a very individual look. We aim to help you design a bathroom for life, so that once you have invested in it you never have to plan again!

Our team will be pleased to discuss any of the above options with you to help build a quote for your dream bathroom.