Wet Rooms Birmingham

  • Easy-clean wall panels

    Low maintenance with easy-clean wall panels and PremClear protective coating on all glazing.

  • Grab bars for extra security

    Stainless steel and plastic fluted grab bars provide extra security and safety when you need it most.

  • Folding seat

    Height adjustable seats are available in contemporary styles (wooden or padded) with or without armrests.

  • No shower tray to step over

    The floor is the same level throughout the bathroom.


Wet rooms are stylish and practical especially for people with mobility issues. They can be beneficial in many ways as they create extra space and more freedom in the bathroom. We offer wet rooms that have easy access and slip-resistant floor tiling – with a wide range of colours to choose from.

There has been an increase in demand for wet rooms in Birmingham. The Stimulate wet room offers an ultimate combination of style, easy-access and safety. Customers in Birmingham have enjoyed the comfort and extra support the Stimulate wet room provides. All of our showers have easy access as everything is one level. It is an ideal choice if you rely on a wheelchair or any other mobility aid.

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Wet rooms can make a significant difference to your independence particularly if you are suffering with osteoarthritis. A significant percentage of the over 45 population in Birmingham have hip osteoarthritis. 31,582 suffer with severe osteoarthritis and 24,698 with severe knee osteoarthritis – to date (Arthritis Research). 15.3% of the over 45 population have osteoarthritis. As osteoarthritis is a condition that causes stiffness this can impact simple day to day activities like showering and bathing.

To create more independence for those who suffer with mobility issues or any other physical condition we have designed the Stimulate wet room to create a more enjoyable showering experience.